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Breathe your mind, heart and body open. Explore how the breath can heal you. 

Work towards finding peace of mind and stillness in a world which can seem so busy and chaotic. 


Come back home to your body. Take time to listen to what it needs and how you can nurture it. 

Strengthen your physical body, and ability to feel and stay with challenging emotions. 

Learn about how you experience discomfort and tension in life. Learn how to be more compassionate. 


Rebalance and unify the different energies within your body to find balance. 

Calm the whole nervous system, feel less stressed/reactive to the world and have a practice which grounds you. 

Join me on the mat for Vinyasa & Hatha style yoga, focusing on the breath, body and mind. My teaching combines energetic and grounding flows to cultivate strength and power, as well as breath your whole body open. Throughout each practice I tailor the class to guide you through the chakra energy centres and the different earth elements which compliment them.

Yoga was always something I knew I 'should do', but it wasn't a consistent practice of mine until I found my way to it early in 2020. After going through a life changing and traumatic experience yoga became a way I could find peace of mind, stillness and balance in my body again. I had finally found my reason 'why' yoga was so life changing. Whilst talking therapy is healing in its own way, Yoga alleviates the mind and body of pain in a way that words cannot. Connecting with your energy, breath and movement has a way of helping you process emotion and connect deeper to yourself. It takes you beyond your thoughts and into a place of peace and contentment. So much so, it lead me to take a Yoga Teacher Training so that I could learn more about the practice and share its gifts with you. 

I offer to you a practice which is guided by both the breath and the heart. A space in your day to unwind and connect with your body. To feel into the energies within and be with yourself in a unique way. 

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